Survey Design

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Program evaluation is important for understanding ways in which we can improve our programs for learners, educators, administrators, and others involved in program design and delivery.

The greatest service evaluation can perform is to identify aspects of the course where revision is desirable.1, p.238

~Lee J. Cronbach

[T]he most important purpose of program evaluation is not to prove, but to improve. 1, p.238

~Daniel L. Stufflebeam

Surveys are frequently used as data collection tools in conjunction with program evaluation, and careful consideration must be given to survey development to facilitate respondent buy-in and completion, and to maximize data validity, reliability, relevance, utility, and impact.

1Stufflebeam DL, Madaus GF, Kellaghan T. (eds.). Evaluation models: Viewpoints on educational and human services evaluation. 2nd ed. New York: Kluwer Academic Publishers; 2000.


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