Feature Module 1

  • Create an e-lecture that is less than 3 minutes long. Keep the following steps in mind when creating your presentation. If you need assistance, you are welcome to contact me (goldberg@jhmi.edu). When you have finished, I encourage you to send me your video so that we can post it on this site for demonstration purposes.

    Guidelines for creating an e-lecture

    1. Lectures should be ≤ 20 minutes in length.
    2. A lecture should not simply be voice over a slide presentation (e.g. use an electronic white pen to enhance the lecture).
    3. Remember to maintain your enthusiasm; this is sometimes difficult without an audience.
    4. Keep in mind that your e-lecture should prepare students for active engagement in the classroom and not be viewed as a comprehensive treatment of the material.

    Goldberg e-lecture structure from Office of Academic Computing on Vimeo.



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